Wood Pellets

Premium selected Bio fuel source with high calorific value and low amount of ash allow to receive higher value of heat from 1 ton of pellets. Excellent Selection certified pellets were created for the most demanding clients. Specially selected dry sawdust of coniferous trees were used for production. Distinguishing feature of Excellent pellets is very high calorific value and a low amount of ash.

Technical parameters:

  • Total moisture content < 10%
  • Ash content < 0,3
  • Calorific value > 18,5 MJ/kg
  • Bulk density > 650 kg/m³
  • Fines content (dust in a bag) ≤0,5%
  • Mechanical strength >98,5%


  • Diameter = 6 mm, 8 mm*
  • Length ≤ 40 mm*
    *tolerance ± 1mm

Owned certificate:

  1. Certificate EN Plus A1 no. PL 303

EXCELLENT SELECTION pellets advantages:

  1. Very high quality –specially selected, dry sawdust of coniferous trees were used for production.
  2. Excellent Selection pellets are characterized by with a very bright colour.
  3. High calorific value – more than 18.5 MJ/kg.
  4. Amount of ash, which remains after combustion – blow 3 kg of every burned ton.
  5. It does not include harmful substances and does not emit smells terrible and unpleasant for a human.
  6. Clear in usage – unlike other solid fuels, such as coal, for example, eco-pea coal, coke or coal dust, it does not soil rooms.
  7. Its values were appreciated not only by many users of pellet stoves, but also producers of boilers.



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