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Wood Briquettes

RUF wood briquette is a completely ecological solid fuel, which can be used in chimneys, stoves and boilers, providing efficient heating.

Wood Pellets

Premium selected Bio fuel source with high calorific value and low amount of ash allow to receive higher value of heat from 1 ton of pellets.

Clean Firewood

Here we supply natural firewood in wholesale quantities. Or you can order crate-size firewood so that you don’t need to stack your firewood after arrival.


Bulk Charcoal, Premium 100% Natural Hardwood. Bulk charcoal can be used in a variety of ways, and having it in large quantities can prove to be incredibly useful.

wood stove on

Wood stoves

Wholesale Supply of the best quality stoves. Small wood stove. Little Lenny Burner. Ideal for campervan, sheds and boats. European Certified for home heating. Request quotes.



Wood Pellets energy manufacturers and delivered to your home at the best prices online. worldwide shipping. high quality. 100% Custom Clearance.

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