Wood Briquettes

RUF wood briquette is a completely ecological solid fuel, which can be used in chimneys, stoves and boilers, providing efficient heating.

Technical parameters:

  • Heating value <19MJ/kg
  • Moisture content <6,3%
  • Ash content  <0,7%

Advantages of RUF wood briquette:

  1. Easy and clean in storage:
  2. 1 ton of briquette replaces 2.2 mp of typical, so-called seasoned (approx. 2 years) chimney wood.
  3. It is easy to light and is burning smokelessly. Additionally, it does not soil smoke ducts.
  4. Low amount of ash after burning – possible to be used as horticultural fertiliser.
  5. It is an ecological fuel of constant and high parametres, which guarantee the stability of the burning process.
  6. Comfortable form of a brick allows to store it even in a narrow basement.



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